West Mercia Beagle Club


Open Show



Sunday, 3rd March 2019

Judge : Claire Allen (nee Chapman) - Balderstone




Best in Show: Serenaker Maid In America
Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite Sex:
Serenaker Hot As ‘Ell
Best Puppy in Show:
Rossut Whisperer
Best Veteran in Show: Ch Annavah Ginny
Best Special Beginners:
Michelroy Pizzazz



Best Dog:  Serenaker Hot As ‘Ell
Res Best Dog:  Annavah Phoenix
Best Puppy Dog:  Rossut Whisperer
Best Veteran Dog: Just Jamie
Best Special Beginners Dog:  No Entries

Minor Puppy Dog - Entries 1
1st –  Rossut Whisperer
Puppy Dog - Entries 3, 1 Abs
1st – Irinstyle Eagle In Flight To Gladstyle (Imp Rus)
2nd –Canowindra Invictus
Junior  Dog - Entries 1
1st – Annavah Phoenix

Yearling  Dog - No Entries

Graduate Dog - Entries 1
1st – Dufosee Yardbird At Canowindra

Post Graduate Dog - No Entries
Limit Dog - Entries 1
1st – Huntshill Tornado JW
Open Dog - Entries 4, 2 Abs
1st – Serenaker Hot As ‘Ell
2nd –Dialynne Solace At Gemark
Open Dog - Entries 2
1st – Just Jamie
2nd –Webster’s Dialynne Numero Uno Sh.CM
Special Beginners Dog - No Entries

Best Bitch:  Serenaker Maid In America
Res Best Bitch:  Dufosee Star Shine
Best Puppy Bitch:  Coachbarn Crier
Best Veteran Dog: Ch Annavah Ginny
Best Special Beginners Dog:  Michelroy Pizzazz

Minor Puppy Bitch - Entries 5
1st – Coachbarn Crier
2nd –Michelroy Pizzazz
3rd - Gladstyle Hope And Glory
4th – Mckleesum Athi
5th – Michelroy Pimpernell With Houndscoast

Puppy Bitch - Entries 5, Abs 2
1st – Mckleesum Athi
2nd –Gladstyle One In A Million
3rd - Bournehouse Pickpocket

Junior Bitch - Entries 7
1st – Annavah Petal
2nd –Serenaker Freezya Assets (ai)
3rd - Rossut Tricia
4th – Rosanka Midler
5th – Butterow Rumba

Yearling Bitch - Entries 3
1st – Serenaker Maid In America
2nd –Rossut Octave
3rd - Butterow Rumba

Graduate Bitch - Entries 2
1st – Bondlea Lucy JW
2nd –Canowindra Fair Eva

Post Graduate Bitch - Entries 3
1st – Dufosee Star Shine
2nd –Bondlea Lucy JW
3rd - Timamso Saskia For Michelroy

Limit Bitch - Entries 7, Abs 1
1st – Raimex Reed Bunting
2nd –Shercroft Duchess JW Sh.CM
3rd - Shercroft Arina
4th – Coachbarn Celeste
5th – Canowindra Golden Lilac

Open Bitch - Entries 9, Abs 1
1st – Serenaker Elle’s Belles
2nd –Dufosee Northern Star
3rd - Ch Annavah Ginny
4th – Rossut Trendy At Michelroy
5th – Bondlea Dove

Veteran Bitch - Entries 8
1st – Raimex Rowenberry JW
2nd –Serenaker Sunday Girl
3rd - Rosanka Charisse
4th – Butterow Oriole
5th – Barterhound Begonia At Bedeway

Special Beginners Bitch - Entries 4, Abs 1
1st – Michelroy Pizzazz
2nd –Mckleesum Athi
3rd - Bournehouse Pickpocket