West Mercia Beagle Club


Open Show



 5th March 2023


Judge : Mr Rowan Ford (Heeplyn)




Best in Show – Molesend Dormouse Jw
Reserve Best in Show – Molesend Crumble (Ai)
Best Opposite Sex – Rossut Villein at Molesend
Best Puppy in Show - Rossut Villein at Molesend
Best Dog - Rossut Villein at Molesend
Best Bitch - Molesend Dormouse JW
Best Veteran – Redcap Bella Sorella Jw ShCM
Best Special BeginnersMadika High Flyer at Bonwillan


Dog Line Up

Minor Puppy Dog (5,2 abs)
1st – Rossut Villein at Molesend
2nd - Rossut Vizier for Houndcoast
3rd – Troopersway Grecian Boy

Puppy Dog (3, 2 abs)
1st – Rossut Vizier for Houndcoast

Junior Dog (1, 1 abs)

Yearling Dog – (2)
1st - Molesend Dice Jw
2nd – Davricard Picasso at Rhosyndu

Post Graduate Dog (3)
1st – Molesend Dice Jw
2nd – Barrvale Hunter At Awreridge
3rd – Amorpapaver Jupiter

Limit Dog (3)
1st – Molesend Verdict At Roddwood
2nd – Huntshill Up to Trouble
3rd – Dufossee Yardbird at Canowindra

Open Dog (4, 1 abs)
1st – Troopersway Gladiator Jww Sh.com
2nd – Gemark Eyas
3rd – Huntshill Tornado Jw Sh.cm

Veteran Dog (3, 1 abs)
1st – Lanesend Segenhoe JW Sh.cm
2nd – Black Royal at Rhosyndu Vw

Vintage Dog – No Entries

Special Beginners Dog (2)
1st  - Amorpapaver Jupiter
2nd – Davricard Picasso at Rhosyndu



Bitch Line up

Minor Puppy Bitch (5)
1st – Butterow Unity
2nd –Rossut Vestry with Michelroy
3rd – Troopersway Grecian Girl
4th – Rossut Zoomy
5th - Stormpasture Strumpette for Rosroden

Puppy Bitch (5, 2 abs)
1st – Annavah Belinda of Davricard
2nd – Butterow Unity
3rd – Annavah Nocturne at Barrvale

Junior Bitch (5, 3 abs)
1st – Felinoak El Koko Loko
2nd – Madika High Flyer at Bonwillan

Yearling Bitch (4, 3 abs)
1st – Molesend Dormouse Jw

Post Graduate Bitch (6, 1 abs)
1st – Michelroy Pimpernell with Houndcoast Jw
2nd - Butterow Token
3rd – Gemark Enya
4th – Amorpapaver Juno
5th – Clarismore Twist and Shout

Limit Bitch (6, 2 abs)
1st – Molesend Crumble (Ai)
2nd – Detrick Audacity
3rd – Michelroy Pizzazz
4th – Canowindra Kiara

Open Bitch (5, 3 abs)
1st – Gemark Ember
2nd – Butterorw Rumba

Veteran Bitch (6)
1st – Timamso Saskia for Michelroy
2nd – Blitzlilie Winter is Coming
3rd – Awreridge Watercolour Jw
4th – Roddwood Rhea
5th – Davricard Hester

Vintage Bitch (3, 1 abs)
1st – Redcap Bella Sorella Jw Sh.cm
2nd – Dufosee Elinore at Felinoak

Special Beginners Bitch (3)
1st  - Madika High Flyer at Bonwillan
2nd – Amorpapaver Juno
3rdStormpasture Strumpette for Rosroden

My thanks to the committee for the appointment and for a well-run show, also to my stewards for their hard work and efficient management of the ring. Overall quality was respectable if not spectacular. There were a few hounds carrying too much or too little weight but the main concern is the prevalence of poor fronts. Narrow chests and straight shoulders do not present a balanced picture nor does the latter fault allow the exhibit to cover the ground with purpose and grace. These are not traits the breed should be perpetuating. That said, today’s winners were of a high standard and a pleasure to judge.

MPD (5,2) 1 Goldberg’s Rossut Villein at Molesend What a great way to start! 8 month tri dog of excellent type with a composure that belied his age. Appealing head and expression, good reach of neck into a level topline held well on the move accompanied by a correct and happily carried tail set. Plenty of heart room, good bone and tight feet. Substantial quarters drove him round the ring and he was balanced from all angles. Shone in the best dog challenge and deserved his accolades, no doubt there will be many more. BD. BOS. BPIS. 2 Webster’s Rossut Vizier for Houndscoast. Tan and white litter brother to the winner and similar comments apply. Not quite as composed on the move and gave a little away in quarters but has plenty of time on his side. Another sound puppy. 3 Peterson’s Troopersway Grecian Boy

PD (3,2) 1 Webster’s Rossut Vizier for Houndscoast

YD (2) 1.Leader’s Molesend Dice JW. Tan and White of 18 months. Another sound dog who was showed to advantage and moved with purpose and balance. Handsome head on a sufficient reach of neck into well angulated shoulders. Level topline, correct tail carriage. Adequate bone on tight feet. 2. Murphy’s Davricard Picasso at Rhosnydu. Slightly finer tri of 21 months. Kind head and good reach of neck. Moved exuberantly.

PGD (3) 1 Leader’s Molesend Dice JW. 2 Warner’s Barrvale Hunter at Awreridge. Of a larger mould and presented a challenge to his handler but moved out adequately and remained balanced. Good depth of chest and kind expressive head. 3 Bell-Thomas’ Amorpapaver Jupiter

LD (3) 1 Woodcock’s Molesend Verdict at Roddwood. One I judged as a puppy and my comments still apply. In great condition and handled to get the best out of him after an unsettled start. Handsome head and appealing expression, good reach of neck, level topline. Adequate bone and neat, tight feet. 2 Wright and Mitchell’s Huntshill Up to Trouble. Another dog handled to advantage. Good depth of chest. In great condition with strong quarters to aid his movement. 3. Richmond’s Dufosee Yardbird at Conwindra

OD (4,1) 1 Peterson’s Troopersway Gladiator JW Sh.CM Faded tri of larger mould and could have benefited from a slimmer outline however this does not detract from his obvious qualities. Beautiful head with kind eyes, good reach of neck and correct shoulders and depth of chest. Strong quarters aided his movement and plenty of bone completed the picture. This was another hound that gave his all in the challenge and deserved his RBD. 2 Chapman’s Gemark Eyas. T/W dog finer all through than the winner. Good reach of neck, level topline, moved sufficiently. 3 Wright and Mitchell’s Huntshill Tornado JW Sh,CM

VD (3,1) 1. Phillips and Keyte’s Lanesend Segenhoe JW Sh.CM Tri of nine and a half years. Another I judged as a youngster and he has lost none of his spark. Handsome, distinguished head. Moves out well propelled by powerful quarters. Still in great condition and clearly enjoying his day. BVD 2. Murphy’s Black Royal At Rhosnydu Vw Well handled. Good reach of neck into level topline held well on the move, another enjoying his day.

Special Beginner’s dog (2) 1. Bell-Thomas’ Amorpapaver Jupiter. Tri Dog, Plenty of heart room, bone and quarters. Adequate reach of neck. Moved with purpose.

MPB (5) 1 Leonard’s Butterow Unity. Tri Btch of 6 months at her first show I learned afterwards. Loved her and after an unsettled start she gave a fine account of herself. Endearing head, great neck into correct shoulders. Ample fore chest. Held her topline and tail well on the move. Great quarters and rear movement. Plenty of bone completed a pleasing outline. 2. Scarlett’s Rossut Vestry with Michelroy. Another delightful puppy of a slightly smaller mould who again presented an appealing outline. Great neck and level topline, moved out well and pushed 1 all the way. 3 Peterson’s Troopersway Grecian Girl

PB (5,2) 1. Craig’s Annavah Belinda of Davricard. Beautiful 9 month old open tri. Appealing head and gentle disposition. Good neck, level topline and tail carried happily as she sailed effortlessly around the ring. Right amount of heart room, correct angulation fore and aft and short coupling completed a balanced picture. Movement was true back and forth and graceful in profile. Unfortunate to be unnecessarily distracted during the challenge and I hope her handler was appropriately apologised to. Up against strong competition in the challenges but will soon have her day. BPB 2. Leonard’s Butterow Unity 3 Davies’ Annavah Nocturne at Barrvale

JB (5,3) 1 Tanner’s Felinoak El Koko Loko. Open tri bitch in great condition who moved so well in profile. Another who appealed greatly with a beautiful head and expression. Well constructed and handled to advantage. 2. Langman’s Madika High Flyer at Bonwillian Another pretty open tri bitch who gave a good account of herself and improved with each performance. Also in good condition, with strong quarters aiding rear movement. BSBIS

YB (4,3) 1. Goldberg’s Molesend Dormouse JW. Stood alone in the class but stood out for quality and was the one I could take home. A beautiful tan and white who didn’t put a foot wrong for anyone. Enchanting headpiece with dark eyes framed by fine correctly set leathers. Neck running gracefully into a steady topline. Well angulated front and back with ample chest. Quarters strong with the right amount of second thigh aided her superb movement. Demanded attention and kept it in the challenges amongst strong competition from her kennelmates. BIS

PGB (6,1) 1. Webster’s Michelroy Pimpernell with Houndscoast JW. And another beautiful tan and white who showed superbly, always at one with her handler. Pretty head and elegant lines continued down through her neck shoulders and topline. Very balanced with correct angulation that allowed for free and easy movement. Good bone and tight feet. Extra pounds and poor coat impaired her from making the challenge a very difficult decision. 2. Leonard’s Butterow Token. Tri Bitch who free shows perfectly to catch the eye. Beaten on movement today but on another could have swapped places with 1. Loved her head and overall balance, condition and charming temperament.

LB (6,2) 1 Goldberg’s Molesend Crumble (Ai) ran her kennelmate close in the challenge and could not be denied RBIS. Lost out to the more purposeful mover but she is another super hound. Charming head and expression and construction is correct all through allowing for a balanced picture and sound movement. In good, hard condition with enough bone set on good tight feet. 2. Precey’s Detrick Audacity. Tri bitch of a larger mould but another who presented an appealing outline. Plenty of neck running into a solid topline, good quarters to propel her round the ring. Well handled to get the best from her.

OB (5,3) 1. Chapman’s Gemark Ember. Sound bitch of correct weight who moved very evenly. Nice head and dark eye and a good reach of neck, short coupled and in excellent condition. 2. Leonard’s Butterow Rumba. On another day would have swapped places with 1 but felt she was carrying excess weight and was a little laidback on the move. Free showing, happy girl who responds well to her handler. Pretty head and balanced proportions.

VB (6) 1. Scarlett’s Timamso Saskia for Michelroy. Splitting hairs between 1 and 2 but this tri won on sound movement. In great condition, alert and with a beautiful head. Plenty of bone and good feet. Well bodied, good spring of rib, short coupled. A credit to the owner. 2. Mcbain and Steven’s Blitzlillie Winter is Coming. Similar comments apply but a slightly rangier hound who was a little unsettled at vital moments. Great reach of neck and correct front who preferred to be on the move. 3. Warner’s Awreridge Watercolour JW

Vintage B (3,2) 1. Mcbain & Steven’s Redcap Bella Sorella. 10 year old tri who was also full of animation and was arguably the best mover of the day as she flows round the ring propelled by her correct construction. Has an excellent reach of neck and solid topline. Fading colour takes nothing away from her appealing head. Judged her as a six month old, she still behaves like one and is still a very sound beagle. BVIS. 2 Tanner’s Dufosee Elinore at Felinoak Another really sound tri in superb condition, good front, hard, substantial quarters and was only beaten by the superb movement of 1.

Special beginners Bitch 1. Langman’s Madika High Flyer at Bonwillian 2. Bell-Thomas’ Amorpapaver Juno. Handled well and balanced when stood, a little fine in head but plenty of body.

Judge: Rowan Ford (Heeplyn)